Our mission is Hope.

Technology to help people build communities to fulfill their dreams.


Becoming the backbone of communities and businesses by empowering human connection and accelerating commerce


Unleashing movements and communities to be the change they want to see in the world


Developing people as the core asset in global transformation by connecting resources, networks and information

Our Values


We practice open, honest and authentic communication.


We own our actions and respond powerfully to everything.


We put people first.
No excuses.


We are a bridge between people.


We value the constant development of people and impeccable service.


We keep our word. We strive for workability.

Meet the Founders

Nathan BenAmoz

Founder & CEO

At 21, Nathan managed vehicle deliveries at Tesla for the state of Florida, the largest delivery region outside of California. He was a top performer, on track to advance rapidly, with an assured successful corporate career but opted to burn his boat to pursuit his dreams.

Over the years Nathan discovered and cultivated talent in marketing and media. He has worked across industries ranging from Finance, Healthcare and Personal Developement.

Eli Chaimowicz

founder & President

20 years as the owner and founder of the Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Eli has run a lean business on minimal debt and high margin services. Dr. Eli Previously worked in Business Development and Technology Transfer in the Healthcare Industry.

As well he trains leaders for a Global Transformation Company as the Head Coach for the Florida Region. He is accountable for this program which is the primary driver for new business. The Florida Center is on track to be the 3rd largest center in the world.