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H. O. P. E.

Humans Offering Personal Experiences

Catalog of Live Human Connection Experiences

Core Features

Human Experiences Catalog

Calendar of human connection experiences linked out to Zoom, Google Hangouts or whatever platform the host selects. You can join an experience or ANYONE create one of their own!

Social Feed

Much like in Facebook, all of your Hope related social updates and media show up in on main newsfeed. You'll be able to easily see status updates from your friends and see what they are up to.

Private & Group Chat

Direct message other members in the network that you would like to connect with. Collaborate with your groups, friends, circles, and communities. Video chat integration coming soon!

Private & Public Groups

Start or join a group where you can build depth to your relationships, take part in challenges, and organize opportunities to create valuable experiences with other people.

Some of our Human Connection Experiences:

Community Support Groups​

Connection and community you can count on.

Music & Meditation​

Peaceful restoration of mind, body and soul.

Mens & Womens Groups​

Safe spaces for constructive interaction and development.

Prayer Groups​

Speak uplifting words of encouragement and support

Study Groups​

Sharing the wisdom of literature and the power of masterminds

Healing Groups​

Compassion and acceptance… come as you are.

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