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Why Transformational Story Telling?

1. Organizations with global change missions are more economically supported by their communities
2. Transformational brands have better access to celebrity influencers and corporate sponsorship
3. A transformational story has the power to inspire and influence people into real action!
4. Your story is your legacy.

Our Creative Team

Nathan BenAmoz


Nathan is an exceptional script writer and has had several amateur production projects go viral in the political/ social activism and cultural preservation categories. For 9 year he has professionally put language and told the story/missions of small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs across a wide range of industries.

As an editor and producer he uses emotionally provoking imagery and music to produce an experience that elicits self identification, positive brand association and action in the mind of the viewer.

Leah L' Esperance

CMO & Producer

Leah L’Esperance is an award winning Creative Director with 20 years of experience in motion design and branding. She has worked with numerous networks, including HBO, truTV, Comedy Central, Discovery, MTV Networks, Syfy, Lifetime, Food Network and NBC as well as on national campaigns for Best Buy, Kohl’s, Nationwide Insurance, Time Warner Cable, Slimfast, JCPenney, Starbucks and Vonage, among others. Leah is a strategic thinker, who works across platforms to identify specific needs and drive the creation of unique, targeted packaging. She has a strong sense of branding and knows how to strategically maintain and build on that brand.

Leah’s Portfolio

Terrence Ziegler

Chief Editor & Director

Terence Ziegler is an award-winning Editor and Director, having worked with clients such as Apple, Publix, ESPN, Wieden + Kennedy,  L’Oréal Paris, Johnson & Johnson, Ogilvy, DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Tiffany & Co., PepsiCo.,  Walmart, AMC. He has been editing and directing commercials, marketing films, and narrative films for over 25 years.

Terence’s Portfolio

Doug Tessler

Director & Chief Audio

Doug is a top videographer with over 30 years experience with 3 awards in advertising and one for short films. He has created videos of all kinds from infomercials, video info product, documentaries and T.V. commercials. Some of his work includes live production for Tony Robbins, HBO, ESPN, CBS Sports, Motorola and Qi Revolution. He has also filmed weddings, anniversaries and parties. He is a level 4 Apple computer technician and intuitive musician capable of playing 45 different instruments. As a musician he also creates custom audio tracks for videography.